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And now some notes for Spiritual Pilgrims, Seekers or the
1.        Serious Spiritual Seekers generally know that they journey is indeed within; however it helps to
connect with what one is seeking if allowed to open slowly in natural surroundings.  Now, if you need the
luxury of a marble and glass spa, or the discipline of scheduled colon cleanses and the like, well there are
those things on the other islands.  If what you need is just to disconnect from the frenetic energy of your
daily life and would like to connect with your higher self, Molokai offers an abundance of peaceful, serene
and majestic places that facilitate rejuvenation of the soul.

2.        Often people come to Molokai looking for a “kahuna”, not even knowing what it is they are looking
for.  Unfortunately in this new age frenzy of finding a fast track to enlightenment, it is often forgotten to
respect a culture that is not our own.  Please remember to seek understanding first.  Many people do not
realize that “kahuna” actually means “expert”; that one could be a kahuna of agriculture, fishing and yes
even spiritual matters.  If someone proclaims themselves to be a kahuna, more than likely they are not.  
There are many healers who reside on Molokai and if you trust the universe, you will find exactly what
you are looking for.  The first thing many of them will ask you is “What are your intentions?”, so be clear
in your heart and mind.

3.      Molokai Immersion workshops are available from Mana O Kahiko.  Explore the spiritual knowledge
preserved in the oral traditions that have been handed down for generations.  Empower the Spirit,
Enlighten the Mind, Refine the Body, and attain a deeper understanding of the spirituality of the
Hawaiian people as preserved by the ancestors and kumu of Halawa Valley. Visit
Mana O Kahiko.

4.        Molokai has a long history as a destination for spiritual pilgrimage, even before westerners came to
Hawaii.  The Catholics are the most recent group of souls seeking healing, peace and blessings.  Saint
Damien of Molokai arrived to the shores of Kalawao in 1873 to minister to the exiled victims of what was
then known as leprosy.  In his sixteen years of living in Kalaupapa, St Damien came to understand the
spiritual significance of Aloha.  By understanding the strong family ties and deep core values of the
Hawaiians, he changed the way the world treated those inflicted with the disease.  After religious groups,
the medical field is the second largest demographic interested in learning how Damien changed the course
of history.  I like to think of St. Damien as the Apostle of Aloha.

5.        If you want to visit Kalaupapa, there are three ways to access the restricted peninsula, hiking,
flying or riding the mules.  It is a national park, however access is restricted and you must be sponsored
for your visit.(see
www.nps.gov/kala)If you want to hike in, call Damien Tours at 808 567-6171 to reserve
your place in the tour that will pick you up at the base of the cliffs.  If you want to take the mules, visit

6.        Please understand that there are still residents of Kalawao County who have been promised the
right to live out their lives in dignity and peace.  It is in their honor and to those 8,000 souls who were
banished to Kalaupapa that we respect the sacredness of their home.  It is in honor to the legacy of Richard
Marks that we educate others of their story and share the aloha of their place.

7.        While Damien resided in Kalaupapa, he also ministered “topside” Molokai.  There are still two
churches standing that he built and ministered in; Our Lady of Seven Sorrows and St. Joseph’s Church.  
Both of these churches are located east of Kaunakakai on the main highway and are open to the public.  
You can find more information on the catholic community at :

8.        Even healers need healing.  I have met several beautiful souls who have been drawn to Molokai to
renew their spirit.  If you are at all sensitive to energy, you will find Molokai to be a powerful place.  
There are lots of housing options that make an extended stay possible; so come for a week or a month.  Best
tip of all? Follow your heart.

9.        You don’t have to be Catholic, or even religious to appreciate the lessons of Damien’s life and his
contributions to the human condition.  And you don’t even have to be spiritual to experience the depth of
true aloha, like you will here.  But if you ever wondered what aloha really means, or what it feels like to
be at total peace, come check it out.  E Komo Mai, welcome…
Kalele Ti plant